Operator Training

In addition to MEWEA's training events, the Joint Environmental Training Coordinating Committee (JETCC) publishes a schedule of certification training and continuing education courses each fall and spring for operators who work in Maine’s wastewater treatment facilities. Training topics cover process control, laboratory analysis, infrastructure, maintenance and regulatory issues. Classes are scheduled in locations throughout Maine. Training certificates are awarded to participants after successful completion of each session. All of the classes listed in this section are approved for continuing education by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection wastewater treatment plant operator certification program.


Studying for an Exam?

Process Control Exam Questions from Past Operations Challenge Events can be found on the Treatment Plant Operators Committee Page.


Peer to Peer Training Opportunities

In 2023 the Maine DEP authorized the MEWEA Treatment Plant Operators Committee to issue training credits for maintaining wastewater licenses through a customized in person training program. The goal of the Peer to Peer training program is to encourage wastewater operators, mechanics, lab techs, and managers to visit wastewater facilities for a day to learn from the skills and experiences of others. 

Process to Participate

Download the form that pertains to the training you would like to receive. 

  1. Contact the facility or individual that has equipment or knowledge of the topic you wish to better understand. If you need assistance locating a host facility, contact the Treatment Plant Operators Committee at [email protected]
  2. Prior to your visit, complete the General Information and Preliminary Info sections of the form.
  3. After you have completed the in person training, fill out the remainder of the form. Be sure to get the appropriate signature at the end.
  4. Submit the complete from to [email protected]
  5. The TPO Committee will review the submitted form at its quarterly meetings and issue credits and certificates to participants that have successfully completed the necessary form.  If the forms are incomplete, they will be returned to the applicant with an explanation of what additional information is required in order to obtain approval. 

Note that credits will not be issued for just touring a facility. There must be a focused topic for training to be approved. While not a requirement for the host facility or person conducting the training, the person receiving the training must be a MEWEA member to participate and receive credits.  All MEWEA members are eligible for up to 3 credit hours per year, and 6 credit hours per license cycle.

For additional information, contact the TPO Committee: [email protected]

Operator Exchange Program

The Operator Exchange Program provides opportunities for operators in one state to exchange positions with operators in another state, to work in, visit, or tour different treatment plants for several days for skill enhancement and to gain experience in the workings of different plant(s). 

Training Credits are available (upon approval). Please see the following support documents:

Operator Exchange Form.docx

Operator Exchange Request for TCHs.docx 

If you are interested in participating in the Operator Exchange Program, please contact the current NEWEA State Director