Pretreatment Committee

To work with and represent the members of the Association affected by the EPA Industrial Pretreatment Program, and promote the goals of the Clean Water Act by reducing or eliminating pollutants which would adversely impact POTW’s or the environment.

1. Develops a committee to best represent those affected by pretreatment requirements, and schedule meetings to keep them updated on the regulations.

2. Selects the annual recipient of the Pretreatment Excellence Award.

3. Tracks proposed legislation and regulations dealing with Pretreatment, and where appropriate, prepare comment.

4. Maintains relations with the EPA Pretreatment Coordinator, the DEP Pretreatment Coordinator, and others such as Water Quality, Biosolids, Laboratory, Oil and Hazardous Personnel Waste.

If you have questions about the Pretreatment Committee, please contact the committee chair. A current listing of committee chairs can be found here: Executive Committee and Committee Chairpersons

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