Career Opportunities

If you have a career opportunity you would like posted, please email (pdf file or weblink) to: [email protected]

Posted 8/9/2022: Lisbon Sewer Operations Manager

Posted 8/9/2022: Assistant Environmental Analyst

Posted 8/9/2022: Environmental Analyst – Maine Drinking Water Program

Posted 8/8/2022: Assistant Operator - Veazie Sewer District.pdf

Posted 8/4/2022: Operator - LAWPCA


Affiliate Group Career Postings

Maine Water Utilities Association

New England Water Environment Association

North East Biosolids and Residuals Association

Water Environment Federation


Water You Waiting For?

The “Water You Waiting For?” videos showcase the water profession for high school and vocational technical school students. 

These videos highlight the water profession in four areas:

  • The value of water,
  • Job responsibilities,
  • Career successes, and
  • Environmental contribution.