Young Professionals Award


This award, given annually at the MEWEA Fall Convention, will recognize the achievements of a young professional. Candidates for nomination will have made noticeable contributions to or achievements within the water environment industry and/or to MEWEA.

Deadline: July 15


A successful applicant will have the following qualities:

  1. Member of MEWEA.
  2. Under 40 years old or no more than 5 years in water environment industry.
  3. Demonstrated achievements and contributions to enhancing the goals of MEWEA through active participation in a standing committee or Association sponsored program; notable contributions to clean water operations or design; and/or improvement in the fundamental knowledge wastewater collection, distribution and treatment systems, stormwater treatment and conveyance, water resource protection, and research on water quality topics.

Contact information for the YP Committee chair can be found here: Executive Board and Committee Chairpersons


A higher education award of up to $1000.00 will be awarded to deserving candidates who meet the scholarship criteria as listed further below. The award will be announced at the Maine Water Environment Association Fall Meeting, typically held in September.

Deadline: July 15

Description: This award, given annually at the MEWEA Fall Convention, will cover costs of admission to the Thursday session for the MEWEA Fall Convention on behalf on the Young Professionals Committee, for up to five (5) students per year.

There are funds available for up to five Maine YPs to attend the NEWEA YP Summit, which is part of their Annual Conference in January in Boston. Contact the YP Committee chair for more information.