Young Professionals Committee

The Young Professionals committee was formed to empower young professionals (less than 5 years in the environmental field) in MEWEA by creating an active environment of learning, networking, and leadership.  If you’re interested in getting involved with the committee, want to participate in events, have ideas, or have questions, please contact the YP committee chair. A current listing of committee chairs can be found here: Executive Committee and Committee Chairpersons

The Young Professionals Committee. What’s in a name?

In the 1970s, the Kennebec, Penobscot, and Androscoggin Rivers were some of the most polluted waterways in the Northeast. It was obvious that something had to be done to clean the rivers, and we did it. For those of us who were involved in those restoration efforts, it’s obvious that the works of our profession have substantially benefitted our communities. For those of us new to the clean water fields it is, perhaps ironically, less clear to see what has been accomplished and why we need clean water. It is therefore our committee’s mission to provide understanding to those entering environmental studies, to provide public outreach to those unaware of the clean water industry, and to provide professional growth and networking to those within the clean water industry. It is our responsibility to promote the water environment industry as an attractive career choice… and that mission is something professionals of ALL ages can get behind.

Whether it’s our 4-time award winning 5K team, a treatment plant tour, a fun day of kayaking, our mentor/mentee program at the fall convention, our new scholarship program, or representing our industry to the public, there are plenty of opportunities for you to lend a hand and have a great time doing it. What better way to begin getting involved with MEWEA than with us?

Award Applications

YP Award 

Higher Education Award

A higher education award of up to $1000.00 will be awarded to deserving candidates who meet the scholarship criteria as listed further below. The award will be announced at the Maine Water Environment Association Fall Meeting, typically held in September.

Deadline: August 1st 

University Attendee Award 

This award, given annually at the MEWEA Fall Convention, will cover costs of admission to the Thursday session for the MEWEA Fall Convention on behalf on the Young Professionals Committee, for up to five (5) students per year.


YP Meeting notes can be found in the executive committee meeting minutes, click here to view them


Family Skate Night at Thompson’s Point

Paddle After Hours on the Androscoggin River

Paddle After Hours on the Androscoggin River