Wipes In The News

February 11, 2016: “Knickers, rings and teddies – the Valentine’s gifts Kent flushes down the drain”, Kent and Sussex Courier ( England)

February 10, 2016: ‘Flushable’ wipes wreak havoc on city sewer lines”, Ozark County Times (Gainesville, MO)

February 5, 2016: “New D.C. Campaign Targets Nonflushable Wipes Scourge”, Next City ( Washington, DC)

February 3, 2016: “Flushed wipes costing millions in blockages – says water company”, ITV News (London, England)

January 25, 2016: “Flushable wipes: bad reputation is no bum rap”, Solon Economist (North Liberty, IA)

January 21, 2016: ‘Non-flushable’ items disrupt sewer system”, Carroll County Mirror-Democrat (Mt. Carroll, IL)

December 4, 2015: “Wet Wipes Make Big Mess For Sewer System“, Darien Times (Darien, CT)

December 1, 2015: “Aqua Ohio: ‘Flushable’ Items Can Block Sewer Lines”, ThisWeekNews.com (Madison, OH)

November 24, 2015: “Don’t Throw Wipes in the Toilet!“, Daniel Island News (Daniel Island, SC)

November 22, 2015: “ ‘Flushable’ Wipes Cause Havoc in NYC’s Plumbing and Sewer Systems“, amNewYork.com (New York City)

November 19, 2015: “Wipes in the pipes: ‘Flushable’ wipes causing Holland BPW Problems”, Holland Sentinel (Holland, MI)

November 12, 2015: ” ‘Flushable’ wet wipes: the Plight of the Sewerage Firm“, UtilityWeek.co.uk (Yorkshire, UK)

November 6, 2015: “Fighting For You: Wipe Maker explains Safe Flush Technology“, ABC33 (Birmingham, AL)

November 5, 2015: “Feds Tell Wipes Maker to back up ‘Flushable’ Claims, not City Sewers“, CrainsNewYork.com

November 4, 2015

Federal Trade Commission Puts Flushability Burden on Wipes-maker“, BusinessInsurance.com

Adam Ruins Everything: Why Flushable Wipes Aren’t Flushable“, y94.com

November 2, 2015: “Wiped Out“, WSVN (Miami, FL)

October 29, 2015: “Flushable Wipes not Causing Septic Problem, INDA President Says“, LegalNewsline.com

October 28, 2015: “Fighting For You: Flushable Wipes Clogging Pipes, Costing Thousands“, ABC33 (Birmingham, AL)

October 24, 2015: “‘Flushable’ bathroom wipes clogging area sewer systems“, Le Sueur News Herald (Le Sueur, MN)

October 22, 2015

Are Flushable Wipes Actually Flushable?“, 3News (New Zealand)

Know What to Flush: Help Avoid Sewage Back-Ups at Home“, Kingston Herald (Kingston, Ontario)

October 21, 2015: “Flushable Wipe Claims Don’t Wash, says Consumer NZ“, Scoop.co.nz

October 20, 2015

Plaintiffs want to Wipe Out Stay Over Meaning of ‘Flushable‘”, Reuters (sign-in to third party site required)

The Truth Behind Flushable Wipes“, The New Zealand Herald

October 17, 2015: “Mark Cuban Takes a Chunk of “Dudes” Bathroom wipes on ‘Shark Tank’ “, Chicago Tribune

October 16, 2015: “So-Called Flushable Products Lead to Cary Sewer Spill” Town of Cary (North Carolina)

October 8, 2015: “Weinstein Refers Definition of ‘Flushable’ to FTC“, New York Law Journal and New York Daily News

October 7, 2015

The Messy Truth About ‘Flushable’ Wipes“, CHOICE Consumer Advocacy Organization (Australia)

Kleenex ‘Flushable’ Wipes Named among “Shonkiest Products of 2015”“, SkyNews (Australia)

September 22, 2015 “Metro Vancouver gives adults a lesson in potty training”, CBC News (Vancouver, British Columbia)

September 21, 2015 “‘Flushable’ wipes cause problems down the pipes in Fargo-Moorhead”, Grand Forks Herald (Moorhead, North Dakota)

September 18, 2015 VIDEO: “Sorry, flushable wipes aren’t flushable (video)”, YubaNet.com (California)

September 13, 2015 “Evansville, other cities, ask for no wipes in the pipes”, GazetteXtra (Evansville, Illinois)


– See more at: http://www.gazettextra.com/20150913/evansville_other_cities_ask_for_no_wipes_in_the_pipes#sthash.ZyQ9x4mH.dpuf

September 5, 2015 “Gold Coast sewerage treatment plant wiped out once a week”, The Daily Telegraph (Australia)

September 2, 2015 “‘Flushable’ wipes victimize homeowners in Minnesota”, WasteDive.com

August 20, 2015 “Keep wipes out of the pipes”, C&G Newspapers (Detroit, Michigan)

August 14, 2015 “Wal-Mart, Rockline allegedly misrepresented flushable wipes”, LegalNewslinecom

August 12, 2015 “Wallets, toys, food: more than just TP in sewer”, KOIN6 (Portland, Oregon)

August 11, 2015 “The Flushed Wipes Issue Clarified”, EPOnline (Environmental Protection Online)

August 10, 2015

“Flushing wipes into sewer causes some costly clogs”, Honolulu Star Advertiser (Hawaii)

“Nonwoven Fabrics Industry Hopes Education, Product Knowledge Will Ensure Proper Product Disposal”, waste360.com

July 30, 2015 “City joins class action lawsuit aimed at flushable wet wipes”, Star News (Elk River, Minnesota)

July 23, 2015 “Wipes out’: Nonflushable paper products causing clogging issues”, TRIB Live (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

July 22, 2015 “Eco-friendly? Don’t believe the wipe”, The Herald (New Zealand)

July 17, 2015 “Twin Cities sewer operator says keep out ‘flushable’ wipes“, Faribault County Register (St.Paul, Minnesota)

July 16,2015 “Met Council wastewater operators say ‘flushable’ wipes eating up time, money”, Star Tribune (Minneapolis, Minnesota)

July 15, 2015 “Spanish Fork asking residents not to flush flushable wipes”, ABC4 (Spanish Fork, Utah)

July 7, 2015

“Canal Winchester warns against flushing wipes”, The Canal Winchester Times (Pickerington, Ohio)

“‘Flushable’ wipes blocking QLD sewers”, 4BC1116News Talk (Queensland, Australia)

July 2, 2015 “Think before you flush those wipes”, Radio New Zealand (Queentown, New Zealand)

July 1, 2015 “Princeton joins Wyoming in wet wipes lawsuit”, Forest Lake Times (Princeton, Minnesota)

June 25, 2015 “Major manufacturer may stop calling wipes ‘flushable'”, San Antonio Express (Texas)

June 23, 2015 “Flushable wipes causing big problems for city sewers”, WEAU.com (Eau Claire, Wisconsin)

Twin Cities sewer operator says keep out ‘flushable’ wipes – See more at: http://www.faribaultcountyregister.com/page/content.detail/id/886624/Twin-Cities-sewer-operator-says-keep-out–flushable–wipes.html?isap=1&nav=5050#sthash.A8ah8dDm.dpuf
Twin Cities sewer operator says keep out ‘flushable’ wipes – See more at: http://www.faribaultcountyregister.com/page/content.detail/id/886624/Twin-Cities-sewer-operator-says-keep-out–flushable–wipes.html?isap=1&nav=5050#sthash.A8ah8dDm.dpuf

June 10, 2015 ” Brooklyn Judge Weinstein has tutorial on flushable wipes to decide suits”, The Jewish News (Brooklyn, New York)

June 9, 2015 “Lawsuit: CVS flushable wipes harming plumbing”, legalnewsline.com

June 6, 2015 “Flushable’ wipes create logjam for local pumping stations”, pantagraph.com (Bloomington, Indiana)

June 4, 2015 “Disposable wipes clog city pipes“, Journal-Eureka (Anamosa, Iowa)

June 1, 2015 “Not so flushable flushables are clogging up the works”, Miami Herald (Miami, Florida)

May 22,2015 “Flushable Wipes Creating Costly Problems“,  ABC22 (Dayton, Ohio)

May 21, 2015 “Consumer Alert: How “flushable” is your wipe?”, 19 Action News (Cincinnati, Ohio)

May 19, 2015

“Wet Wipes Company Rapped for ‘Flushable’ Claim”, Time.com

” ‘Flushable’ Wipes – Do Not Use as Directed“, business2community.com

May 14, 2015 “Disposable Wipes Costing Sewage Systems Millions Of Dollars”, newsroomamerica.com

May 13, 2015

“Flushables” not so flushable for area sewer systems”, WTVM9 (Summerdale, Alabama)

“Disposable Wipes are Costing Sewage Systems Millions of Dollars”, healthnewsdigest.com

May 11, 2015 “Millions Of Dollars In Sewer Clogs Prompts Flushable-Wipes Lawsuit”, wateronline.com

May 9, 2015 BGMU officials urge people to watch what they flush”, Bowling Green Daily News (Bowling Green, Kentucky)

May 4, 2015 “This is What Happens When We Put ‘Flushable Wipes’ Down the Toilet“, care2.com (Beloit, Wisconsin and others)

May 3, 2015 “Yankton Officials Want People To Think About What They Flush”, KDLT News (Yankton, South Dakota)

April 28, 2015 “‘Flushable’ wipes causing sewer problems in West Lafayette”, WLFI8 (West Lafayette, Indiana)

April 27, 2015

“Pre-moistened wipes clogging up Austin sewers”, Fox 7 (Austin, Texas)

“Minnesota City Suing Makers of ‘Flushable’ Wipes Clogging Sewer Systems”, Sputnik News (Wyoming, Minnesota)

March 23, 2015 “Wet Wipes Are Becoming A Big Problem For The U.K.’s Beaches”, thinkprogress.org (England)

March 19, 2015

Who, What, Why: Why can’t they make a flushable wipe?”, BBC News (England)

“Flushable” bathroom wipes wreaking havoc on municipal sewer systems”, Oakville Beaver (Peterborough, Canada)

March 18, 2015

“Indy utility: Those ‘flushable’ wipes aren’t”, Indianapolis Star (Indiana)

 “Don’t flush that wipe!”, The Star (Grand Coulee, Washington)

March 17, 2015

Flushable wet wipes could clog collection system“, WKBT (La Crosse, Wisconsin)

“Are you flushing your baby wipes down the toilet? Here”s why you shouldn’t.”, EcoWatch

March 16, 2015

“Don’t Flush That Wipe!”, New York Times (New York, NY)

“Wet wipes causing havoc in Australia’s sewage and water systems”, The Age (Victoria, Australia)

March 13, 2015

“So called flushable wipes cause big problems for DC Water”, WTOP (Washington, DC)

“Wet Wipes Box Says Flush. New York’s Sewer System Says Don’t.”, New York Times (New York, NY)

February 12, 2015 “‘Flushable’ wipes clogging up sewer system in New York City”, WABC7 (New York, NY)

February 11, 2015 “Flushable wipes may not be as flushable as you think”, ABC4 (Salt Lake City, Utah)

February 4, 2015 “Procter & Gamble’s flushable wipes clogged toilet, class action claims”, Legal NewsLines (Tallahassee, Florida)

February 3, 2015 “Flushable wipes: Pampers Kandoo and Charmin Freshmates”, truthinadvertising.org

January 29, 2015 “Marshfield urging: “No wipes down the pipes“, WSAU (Marshfield, Wisconsin)

January 27, 2015 “Aberdeen goes from wastewater treatment to water reclaimation”, Aberdeen News (South Dakota)

January 14, 2015 “Russian River Watershed Association-Think before flushing”, Ukiah Daily Journal (California)

January 5, 2015 “Cottonelle flushable wipes and more”, truthinadvertising.org

December 31, 2014 “Are flushable wipes really flushable”, Williamette Week (Portland, Oregon)

December 23, 2014 ” Flushable toilet paper case goes down the drain”, Courthouse News Service (San Francisco, California)

December 18, 2014 “SAWS keep digging gross used flushable wipes out of sewers”, mysanantonio.com (San Antonio,Texas)

December 17, 2014 “Bloomer having wipes problem”, Chippewa Herald (Bloomer, Wisconsin)

December 17, 2014 “Flushable wipes causing blockage in Queensland’s sewage systems”, ABC News (Queensland, Australia)

December 16, 2014 ” ‘Flushable’ wipes cause major clogs”, WBMF (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)

December 15, 2014 “Flushable wipes clogging up the works, costing ratepayers”, The Post and Courier (Charleston, South Carolina)

December 15, 2014 “Lowcountry Utilities: Wipes clog pipes”, News2 (North Charleston, South Carolina)

December 15 2014 “Flushing disinfecting wipes could cost you money”, WCSC5 (Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina)

December 10 2014

” City asks people not to flush “flushable” wipes”, WSBT22 (Benton Harbor, Indiana)

” Wet wipes and other wacky things clogging ACT pipes”, The Canberra Times (Australia)

December 7 2014 “Wet wipes blocking Sydney sewers as more men flush them down the toilet”, The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, Australia)

December 3 2014 “Flushable wipes clog wastewater lines”, KREM-TV (Spokane, Washington)

December 1 2014 “What lurks beneath the streets”, Post Independent (Glenwood Springs, Colorado)

November 10 2014 “Flushing wipes a big drain for homeowners, cities”, The Denver Post (Colorado)

November 3 2014 “Seattle calls out marketers claiming products are flushable”, Q13 (Seattle, Washington)

Keene, NH’s entertaining take on things that can’t be flushed:  YouTube

October 28, 2014 “Company challenges Contact KY3 flushable wipes report”,  KY3 (Branson, Missouri)

October 26, 2014 “Banish the blockages say United Utilities”, Warrington Guardian (United Kingdom)

October 23, 2014 “Contact KY3: Don’t flush wipes, even “‘lushable’ ones”, KY3 (Branson, Missouri)

October 21, 2014 “Flushing wet wipes risks flooding homes with sewage”, Salisbury Journal (United Kingdom)

October 7, 2014 “More improvements in works for Stratford sewage lagoon”,  The Guardian (Stratford, Canada)

October 6, 2014 “Bad habits cause plumbing nightmares, thousands of dollars in damage”, KFVS 12,  (Cape Girardeau, Missouri)

September 30, 2014 Keep trash out of toilets to avoid sewer blockage”, Norfolk Daily News, (Norfolk, Virginia)

September 29, 2014 “Wipes, diapers cause headaches for wastewater plants”, Green Bay Gazette (Green Bay, Wisconsin)

September 23, 2014 “‘Flushable’ wipes clogging San Antonio sewers”, mysanantonio.com (San Antonio, Texas)

September 22, 2014 “Hundreds of homes in Harrow and Brent flooded with raw sewage due to fat buildup”, getwestlondon ( Thames, United Kingdom)

September 20, 2014 “SA Water reveals peculiar waste found in the state’s sewerage system”, The Daily Telegraph ( Sydney, Australia)

September 19, 2014 “Flushable wipes cause waste treatment plant backups”, CBCNews (Toronto, Canada)

September 17, 2014 “Don’t flush wipes”, KIMT3 (Rochester, Minnesota)

September 16, 2014 “Baby wipes create “fatberg’ clog Putnam sewer plant”, Charleston Daily Mail (Charleston, West Virginia)

September 14, 2014 “Flush-defying wipes challenge city sewer systems”, The Day (Hartford, Connecticut)

September 12, 2014 “Disposable wipes causing city wastewater problems”, Marshfield News Herald (Marshfield, Wisconsin)

September 10, 2014 “Flushable wipes clog up sewer systems in Grand Junction” KKCO11 (Grand Junction, Colorado)

September 4, 2014 “Canada pushes for flushable wipes standard to protect sewers”, Toronto Star (Toronto, Canada)

September 2, 2014 “Huge fatberg blocks London sewer with toilet trash”, CBBC News (London, England)

August 27, 2014 “Think before you flush, Skegness residents urged”, Skegness Standard (Skegness, United Kingdom)

August 22, 2014 “City of Newton: Wipes and rags wreaking havoc on sewer lines”, KAKEtv (Newton, Kansas)

August 21, 2014

“Flushable wipes causing havoc for sewer systems in Lake Charles”, KPLC7 (Lake Charles, Louisiana)

“La Vista Asks Residents Not To Flush Wet Wipes”, WOWT6 (Omaha, Nebraska)

August 12, 2014 “ ‘Flushable’ Toilet Paper Challenge Needs Work” Courthouse News Service (San Francisco, CA)

July 23, 2014

NASCAR’s Kyle Larson newest Cottonelle Spokesperson (Fox Sports)

Flushable Loo Roll Clogging Sewers?” (Paris, France)

July 21, 2014

” ‘Flushable’ Wipes Clogging Sewers” (Madison, Wisconsin)

Because You Asked: Can I Really Flush ‘Flushable’  Wipes Down The Toilet?” (3BL Media’s Live Green Blog)

July 17, 2014

“Too much going into Timmins toilets”, Timmins Times (Timmins, ON)

“Wipes in the Pipes: To Flush or Not to Flush”, KAIT8 (Paragould, AR)

July 2, 2014  “Hampton buying grinders to keep sewer lines clear”, TRIB Live (Hampton, Pennsylvania)

July 1, 2014 “Flushing wet wipes can lead to sewer problems”, Jacksonville Progress (Jacksonville, Texas)

June 18, 2014 ‘Sewer safe? Not so much’, Beloit Daily News (Beloit, Wisconsin)

June 17, 2014 “AWWU asks customers not to flush wet wipes”, KTVA 11 (Anchorage, Alaska)

June 12, 2014 “CFPUA warns of problems with wipes in the pipes”, WWAY3 (Wilmington, North Carolina)

June 7, 2014 “How Bad for Plumbing Are Disposable Wipes?” (KSAT 12, San Antonio, Texas)

June 6, 2014

“Flushable Toilet Wipes Don’t Actually Dissolve… They’re Clogging Sewer Systems Across America”, Medical Daily

“Don’t Flush Baby Wipes campaign success”, specialtyfabricsreview.com

June 4, 2014

“Flushable Wipes Blamed for Sewer Clogs in NYC”, NBC4 (New York, New York)

“Not-So-Flushable Baby Wipes”, WNYC Radio ( New York, New York)

June 3, 2014 “Products marketed as flushable a drain on wastewater system”, Cochrane Eagle (Cochrane, Alberta)

May 30, 2014  “Baby wipes, sanitary towels and tights what engineers have pulled out of Leicestershire’s clogged sewers”, Leicester Mercury (Leicestershire, England)

May 15, 2014 Baby Wipes Wiping Out Maine Municipal Budgets”, MPBN Radio (Portland, Maine)

April 28, 2014 “The problem with wipes in pipes”, Johnson City Press (Johnson City, Tennessee)

April 27, 2014 “To save money, stop flushing the wrong things down the toilet”, Bangor Daily News (Bangor, Maine)

April 25, 2014 “Flushable” wipes causing havoc for sewer systems nationwide”, WSFA12 (Montgomery, Alabama)

April 24,2014 “Wipes in pipes blamed for clogging sewer system” ,WMC5 (Memphis, Tennessee)

April 23, 2014 “Flushable wipes causing costly sewer clogs”, WRAL (Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina)

April 18, 2014  “Clogs in sewer system turn costly”, Wicked Local Natick (Natick, Massachusetts)

April 1, 2014 “Oxford ‘out-of-control fatberg’ threatens homes”, BBC News (London, England)

March 30, 2014 “Flush no more”, The Durango Herald (Colorado)

March 18, 2014 “Flushable Wipes On Trial”, Water Online

March 17, 2014: “Disposable wipes going down the wrong Portland-area pipes“, Portland Business Journal (Oregon)

March 13,2014

“Disposable wipes causing big problem in county sewers”, WEAR3 (Pensacola, FL)

“Portland sewers have disposable wipes troubles, but London has “Fatburg”, The Oregonian (Oregon)

“Toilet trouble for Portland? Disposable wipes clog region’s sewer pipes”, The Oregonian (Oregon)

March 11,2014

“Wipes Clogging Montgomery County Sewer Lines, Blamed for Sewage Spill”, Patch.com (Gaithersburg, Maryland)

Sanitary wipes cause problems for Hamilton sewers”, Fort Madison Daily Democrat (Hamilton, Illinois) 

March 10, 2014  “Wipes wreak havoc on Montgomery Co. sewer lines”, WJLA (Rockville, Maryland)

March 4, 2014

“Brooklyn Dentist Suing Flushable Wipes Manufacturers for Clogging Pipes”, The Epoch Times (Brooklyn, New York)

Flushability of Wipes Spawns Class Action Lawsuit” (ABC News)

March 2,2014 “Flushable’ wipes clogging up drains citywide”, New York Post (New York, New York)

February 28, 2014: “Casper Launches “No Wipes In the Pipes” Campaign”, K2 Radio KTWO (Casper, Wyoming)

February 24,2014

“Public Works: “Toilets aren’t trashcans”, Mt Shasta News (Mt. Shasta, Calif.)

“City asks only toilet paper down the toilet!” Casper Journal (Wyoming)

February 20 2014 “Flushable fiasco: what bad bathroom habits could cost you”, FOX25 (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

February 18, 2014

“Don’t flush “flushable” wipes“, WATR News (Humble, Texas)

“Are flushable wipes really flushable?”,  WCPO (Cincinnati, Ohio)

February 17, 2014 “How you can avoid costly repairs from ‘flushable wipes'”, First Coast News (Jacksonville, Florida)

February 15, 2014  “‘Flushable’ wipes taking blame for clogged sewer pipes in Rockford”, Rockford Register Star (Nebraska)

February 14, 2014 “Residents flushing away millions of dollars: sewer group“, The Record (Waterloo, Canada)

February 12, 2014 “Luciano: To flush or not to flush?“, Peoria Journal Star (Illinois)

February 10, 2014 “Council get the flushable facts during study session”, The Daily Courier (Prescott, Arizona)

February 9, 2014 “Disposable wipes causing problems for city sewer systems”, The Daily Telegraph (Claremore, Oklahoma)

February 7, 2014 “Flushable wipes are out of sight, but not out of mind”, The Times Herald (Port Huron, Michigan)

Time to wipe out sewer fat scourge: Why you should ditch the baby wipes” Metro (United Kingdom)

January 30, 2014: “Sanitary wipes causing mess for Germantown Hills sewer system” Peoria Journal Star (Peoria, IL)

January 26, 2014: “Baby wipes cause Maine sewer utilities big, expensive woes: Officials and industry are trying to spread the word that the wipes don’t belong in toilets.” Kennebec Journal (Augusta, ME)

January 25, 2014: “Consumer Reports: Flushable wipes can wipe out plumbing“. NBC9 News (Denver, CO) also in Lansing, MI

January 23, 2014: “Don’t flush your money away“, the Western Star (Newfoundland, Canada)

January 22, 2014

KIMA CBS 29 tests out Consumer Reports’ Results” (Yakima, WA)

Problems beyond the flush for flushable wipes“, Journal Star (Lincoln, NE)

Maine urges residents to stop flushing baby wipes“, San Francisco Chronicle online (San Francisco, CA)

Portland sewer clogs lead to plea: Don’t flush baby wipes// Three groups are collaborating on an eight-week campaign that aims to keep wipes from clogging the wastewater system.” Portland Press Herald (Portland, ME).

January 21, 2014: WCSH6 NBC television coverage (Portland, ME)

January 20, 2014:

 ‘Flushable’ wipes clogging sewers, says Halifax Water// Wipes may easily swirl down toilet, but end of up as disgusting clogs farther down the line“. CBC News online (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)

January 19, 2014: “Flushable Wipes Problematic For Rhode Island Wastewater Treatment Plants“. RI National Public Radio (Warwick, RI)

January 18, 2014: “Plush Paper Puzzles Plumbers“, Herald News (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada)

January 17, 2014: “FTC says gDiapers Misled on Environment Claims“, Bloomberg Business News.

January 16, 2014: ” ‘Flushable’ wipes blamed for clogging sewage systems: Lab test suggests ‘flushable’ wipes don’t break down like toilet paper“. CBC News online (London, Ontario, Canada)

January 15, 2014

The Battle of the Baby Wipes“. Boothbay Register. (Boothbay Harbor, ME)

City of Moultrie says: ‘If it’s not toilet paper, don’t flush it‘”. Moultrie Observer (Moultrie, GA)

January 12, 2014: “You might think twice before using wet wipes again…” The Journal online (Cork, Ireland).

January 11, 2014: “County: Don’t flush what says flushable“. Frederick News-Post (Frederick, MD)

January 9, 2014: “The Business of Butt Wipes“, WGNO ABC online (New Orleans, LA)

December 22, 2013: “City Plagued By ‘Flushable’ Wipes“, Morning Sun (Pittsburg, Kansas)

December 18, 2013: “Singing Sewermen Back With Another Christmas Carol“, Romney Advertiser (Winchester, United Kingdom), also on YouTube

December 16, 2013: ” ‘Festive Fatbergs’ Wreak Havoc in the Sewers This Christmas“, London (United Kingdom)

December 10, 2013

Flushable Wipes May be Costing Columbus Water Works Customers Extra Money”, WTVM online (Columbus, Georgia)

Blocked Sewers Cleared in L2.3 million[pound] Project“, the Telegraph and Argus (Bradford, United Kingdom)

December 9, 2013

” ‘Flushable’ Wipes Clog City Treatment Facility“, The Herald (Sierra Vista, Arizona)

Utilities Grapple with ‘Flushables‘”, Vancouver Sun (Vancouver, Canada)

“Independent Lab of the Midwest Becomes First in North America to Perform Full Flushability Testing“, Broadway World (Appleton, Wisconsin)

December 5, 2013: “Flushable Wipes Awarded Quality Certificate“, Innovation in Textiles online

December 4, 2013

Wastewater Groups Join Forces Against ‘Flushable’  Wipes“, the Toronto Star (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) and many other sites

London’s Sewer Superhero Working to Wipe Out Costly Clogs“, MetroNews online (London, Ontario, Canada)

December 3, 2013

Disposable Wipes Not for Toilets, Warns SBU“, Green Bay Press-Gazette (Green Bay, Wisconsin)

Some Facts and Figures About ‘Flushable’ Wipes, the Bane of Water Treatment“, the Montreal Gazette (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

November 28, 2013: “Battle Over ‘Flushable” Wipes“, Fort Frances Times Online (Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada)

November 7, 2013: “Flushable Wipes Blamed for Clogging Pipes“, Fox43 (Central Pennsylvania)

November 6, 2013: “What Is Flushable? A Public Education Opportunity.” SmallWaterSupply.org

November 5, 2013

Aurora Water Warns People Not to Flush Flushable Wipes“, the Denver Channel (Colorado)

Bathroom Wipes Clog Pipes“, Iron County Today online (Cedar City, Utah)

October 29, 2013: “What Not to Flush – Tip Sheet by The Drain Dudes (R)“, Virtual Strategy Magazine (Los Angeles, CA)

October 28, 2013: “Mitcham is ‘Fatberg Hotspot’ as Thames Water Cleans Sewers“, Croydon Guardian (United Kingdom)

October 27, 2013: “Wet Wipes and Grease Make for a Mess in Charleston Sewers“, Charleston Gazette (West Virginia)

October 24, 2013: “Baby Wipes Blamed for Flood Nightmare“, Cumbernauld News (Scotland)

October 22, 2013: “So-Called “Flushable” Wipes Causing Big Problems“, AmericaNowNews.com

October 21, 2013

Flushing Disposable Wipes Spurs Woes at Homes, Sewage Plants“, Reading Eagle (Pennsylvania)

Labeling Standards Scrutinized as Disposable-Wipe Use Expands“, Reading Eagle (Pennsylvania)

Check Before You Flush“, Reading Eagle (Pennsylvania)

Too Plush to Flush: Bathroom Wipes Being Blamed for Backed-up Sewers“, Detroit Free Press (Michigan)

October 17, 2013: “Wet Wipes are Just Another Way Companies Cash in On Our Anxieties“, Calgary Herald (Canada)

October 16, 2013: “Sewer Plant Fights Flood of Wipes“, the Arizona Daily Star

October 13, 2013: “Menace of Baby Wipes on Beaches“, Isle of Man online (Great Britain)

October 11, 2013

 ‘Flushable’ Products Still a Problem for Wastewater Collection System”, West Central Tribune (Willmar, Minnesota)

“New Age Toilet Paper Clogging Honolulu’s Sewer Pipes, Causing Headaches”, Honolulu Civil Beat online (Hawaii)

October 10, 2013

People Who Flush Personal Wipes Down the Sewer are Destroying America’s Sewers“, the Atlantic online

Public Utilities’ Request: Please Don’t Flush Disposable Wipes“, Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch (Minnesota)

October 9, 2013: “Save Yourselves, Stop Flushing Flushable Wipes”, Inside Tucson Business online (Arizona)

October 8, 2013:

Don’t Flush ‘Flushables’, Tinley Park Officials Say“, Chicago Tribune (Illinois)

Utility Companies Dealing with Sewage Backups Due to Baby Wipes“, WIBC online (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Unblocking Our Sewers Costs 7M Pounds“, Evening Times online (Glasgow, Scotland)

Those Wascally Wipes“, Wildninja blog

October 7, 2013:

Sewer Officials Want Consumers to Learn Difference Between Toilets and Trash Cans“, News-Sentinel online (Fort Wayne, Indiana)

Don’t Flush ‘Em: Disposable Wipes Can Clog Pipes”, Pima County News online (Arizona)

October 6, 2013: “Sanitary District: Keep Wet Wipes Out of Sewers“, The News-Gazette online (Urbana, IL)

October 4, 2013

So-Called ‘Flushable’ Wipes Causing Pipe, Sewer Problems“, CBS DFW online (North Texas)

Moist Wipes Have Sewers All Plugged Up With Nowhere To Go“, Morning Call online (Lehigh Valley, PA)

October 3, 2013

 ‘Not So Flushable’ Wipes Can Clog the Pipes“, AM 1150 Talk Radio online (Kelowna, Canada), in conjunction with an Article and an Editorial by the local newspaper

October 2, 2013

Warning About Wipes“, CBS Philly Online (Philadelphia, PA)

October 1, 2013

Flushable bathroom wipes blamed for Tampa Bay Area Sewer Clogs“, Tampa Bay Times (Florida)

Flushable Wipes Clogging Pipes“, World News Group (Ashville, NC)

Flushable Wipes are Clogging the Pipes“, NWA online (Jacksonville, Arkansas)

September 30, 2013: “Wastewater Treatment Facilities Waging War With Wipes“, Arkansas Matters online.

September 29, 2013: “City Urging Residents to Stop Flushing Disposable Wipes- Even If the Label Says It’s OK“, Winona Daily News online (Minnesota)

September 28, 2013: “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly“, Utica Observer-Dispatch (New York)

September 27, 2013

Household Wipes Clogging Up Sewers, Cost Taxpayers Millions“, CBS News New York (NY)

Flushable Wipes: A Smelly Business“, National Law Review

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*To request that we link to other articles on the impact of “flushable” wipes or baby wipes to sewer systems, contact Aubrey Strause.