Stormwater Committee


Fred Dillon (City of South Portland): Click here for email

Zach Henderson (Woodard & Curran): Click here for email

Aubrey Strause (Verdant Water): Click here for email

On Friday, April 17, the MEWEA Membership will be asked to vote to amend the Bylaws by making the ad-hoc Stormwater Committee a permanent committee.

The proposed description of the Stormwater Committee, for consideration, is as follows:


To advance understanding of how the implementation of stormwater infrastructure best management practices and policies contribute to the protection and restoration of water resources; to promote efficient and effective water resources protection strategies by integrating key common interest areas for stormwater and wastewater infrastructure management.

  1. Serve as a liaison between MEWEA and the several established interlocal stormwater working groups throughout the state, including but not limited to: the Bangor Area Stormwater Working Group, the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments Stormwater Working Group, the Interlocal (Greater Portland) Stormwater Working Group, and the York County Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) communities, and the organizations supporting those groups.
  2. Evaluate policies and programs on stormwater management in close consultation with interlocal stormwater working groups, regulatory agencies, nonprofit technical organizations, and other related groups.
  3. Review technical practices and disseminate information to MEWEA membership regarding stormwater management terminology, technologies, and techniques.
  4. Educate MEWEA members on relevant national and regional studies, technical best practices, regulatory approaches, and innovations in the stormwater management profession to increase awareness of sound stormwater management through communication and outreach with the public and decision makers. Collaborate with organizations and groups to advance the stormwater management field and its benefits to Maine communities.
  5. Engage MEWEA and the interlocal stormwater working groups in the development of strategies that will result in more efficient and effective water resource protection efforts by sharing stormwater and wastewater resources.
  6. Review and provide comment on proposed legislation and regulation, when appropriate, to ensure that best practices and water quality drivers are balanced with financial sustainability.


  • Term of office of the chairperson shall be three (3) years.
  • The chairperson shall represent the Committee at the MeWEA Executive Committee functions and attempt to make 75% of the meetings.
  • The Committee shall present a monthly report of activities to the Executive Committee.
  • The Committee shall submit information for publication in the newsletter or on the website