Roger Gagne Award

Roger Gagne Award

The Roger Gagne Award is based solely on long-term service to the Association. Members of the Executive Committee submit nominations and the full Executive Committee selects the winner of the award annually. Nominations are not accepted from the general MEWEA membership.

As a bit of background, Roger Gagne worked at the SD Warren Mill in Westbrook. He headed up the Treatment Plant from when the mill was built. He was very involved in the wastewater field and active with the Maine WasteWater Control Association. Roger was the first person to serve more than one term as President of MEWEA. He was the President in 1968 and 1972-1973. Roger died of a heart attack. It is believed the award was created in 1978 when Bill Varney was President.


Awarded at: Maine Water Environment Association Fall Convention (September)

Nomination Deadline: Third Friday in June

Contact information for the Awards Committee Chair can be found here: 

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