Richard B. Goodenow Award

Richard B. Goodenow Award

The Richard B. Goodenow Award is given by Maine Water Environment Association to recognize the efforts of a water pollution control facility in Maine. The Award is given in recognition of the efforts of the facility’s personnel to maintain the best quality effluent.

This is not strictly measured by compliance with license limits, but also considers the extra effort and originality that has been involved in the treatment plant’s operations.

The following are the general qualities that determine the recipients of this award.

  1. Exemplary operation and maintenance of the facility.
  2. A working environment that provides opportunities for personal growth and promotes activities that provide for this growth.
  3. A concern for community, exemplified by interaction with residents, working toward community based goals, public education etc.
  4. Training opportunities for employees to enhance growth, safety training, first aid, systems operations, record keeping, management of people etc.
  5. Problem resolution through identification of creative approaches to analysis, evaluation, identification, resolution, and implementation.
  6. Service to the profession through participation, assistance to others with problems, etc.
  7. Creativity in operations and problem solving
  8. Compliance with various permits


The evaluation process for the Richard B. Goodenow Award is very thorough.

Maine Water Environment Association will begin the process for the Richard B. Goodenow only if at least three facilities have applied, and a Review Team (consisting of 3 to 6 MEWEA members not affiliated with any applicant facility) can be assembled.

Once assembled, the Review Team performs an inspection and interview of each applicant facility and its key staff.  This Review Team is solely responsible for the selection of the recipient facility.

Due to the detailed and time-intensive evaluation process involved in evaluating applicant facilities, this award is not issued every year.


The Richard B. Goodenow Award is not awarded every year for the reasons noted above.

Deadline: Third Friday in June

Awarded at: Maine Water Environment Association Fall Convention (September)


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