Pretreatment Excellence Award

Pretreatment Excellence Award


The Pretreatment Excellence Award is given by Maine Water Environment Association (MeWEA) to recognize an industrial facility which is an indirect discharger in Maine who has made exemplary efforts towards meeting the requirements of a State/National Pretreatment Program permit, State or local authority control mechanism.  This award also considers the extra effort and originality that has been involved in system design and/or operations, as well as the efforts made by individuals or the organization to meet internal environmental stewardship and sustainability goals. The following are the general qualities that determine the recipients of this award.

Demonstrates exemplary design, operation and maintenance of the facility.

Demonstrates a commitment from the business to comply with their pretreatment permit through continuous improvement projects.

Demonstrates a professional and open relationship with regulatory agencies and permitting authorities at all times.

Provides service to the profession through participation outside of the home business, assistance to others with problems, etc.

Demonstrates creativity in operations and problem solving.

Not in Significant Non-Compliance in the past 12 months.

Awarded at: Maine Water Environment Association Fall Convention (September)

Nomination Deadline: Third Friday in July

Contact information for the Pretreatment Committee Chair can be found here: Executive Board and Committee Chairpersons

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