Operator Award

Operator Award


The MEWEA Operator Award is given annually to an individual who has shown a high interest and performance in clean water operations and has made a significant contribution to the water quality field in Maine. One or more of the following areas should be discussed in the nomination form to serve as a basis for selection of the award recipient:

  1. Improvement to the environment
  2. Cost effective operations
  3. Cost effective maintenance procedures
  4. Public relations
  5. Safety
  6. Innovative process controls
  7. Solids handling and disposal
  8. Pretreatment
  9. Collection systems/pumping stations
  10. Training
  11. Odor control
  12. Association contributions


Awarded at: The Maine Water Environment Association Fall Convention (September).

Nomination Deadline: First Friday in July

Contact information for the Treatment Plant Operators Committee can be found here: Executive Board and Committee Chairpersons

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