Treatment Plant Operators

This committee was recently formed and details will be included as soon as possible.

Operations Challenge will be part of this committee. 6/15/2018


The goal of this Committee is to promote the development of Operations Challenge Teams throughout
the State and send the teams to the NEWEA Spring Convention.


1. Promotes the development of team(s) throughout the state.
2. Makes provisions for team(s) to attend the NEWEA OP’s Challenge Training Day, held in early May.
3. Coordinates, with the NEWEA OP’s Challenge Chairperson, to compete in the regional competition to be held at the NEWEA Spring Conference.
4. Makes arrangements for winning team(s) to compete in the Water Environment Federation’s National Competition (if applicable).
5. Develops funding strategy to help support the team(s) at the National Competition (if applicable).
6. Prepares and administers the annual budget for the Committee.
7. Chair is to attend at least 75% of the Executive Committee meetings.

Committee Chairperson: Alex Buechner
City of Biddeford
63 Water Street Biddeford, ME
04005 Phone: (207) 205-0469