NOTICE: PFAS Task Force Report. Opportunity to submit testimony

Good Afternoon,
Everyone should be aware that the Governor’s PFAS Task Force Report is currently out with recommendations. The link to the report is listed below.
The report will be presented to the Environment and Natural Resource Committee on February 6th at 1:00 pm. See the notice below.
Once the report has been presented each task force member will be given ten minutes of time to say what they would like but then the Committee will be conducting the meeting like a public hearing and any one wishing to provide testimony of any kind will be allowed up to 3 minutes. Written testimony may also be presented along with any other information you’d like the Committee to have.
This is an opportunity for your comments to be heard.
If public speaking is not something you are comfortable with then written testimony may be able to be sent directly to the Committee electronically. Go to:
Then pick the committee you want testimony sent to which will be the Environment and Natural Resource Committee. This should allow you to attach any written testimony and documents you’d like the committee to see.
Let me know if there are any questions.
Tim Haskell, Chair
Government Affairs Committee

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