New Media Committee


To promote the image and visibility of the Maine Water Environment Association on the World Wide Web. Responsible for the publication of the activities and accomplishments of the Association and its members.

  1. Executes the designing, editing, and preparation of submitted content for publication on the World Wide Web. All content shall be published in good taste in conjunction with the MEWEA mission.
  2.  Monitors internet and industry journals for articles of interest, regulatory news and industry updates for placement on the website and social media accounts.
  3.  Develops and enhances the overall structure and design of the website, including the creation of graphics, style sheets, and navigational menus.
  4.  Works with Association Committee Members and Maine Municipal Association staff to post content updates and important information in a timely manner.
  5.  Develop new website features and publish content submitted from the Association’s committees to promote the programs and objectives of the MEWEA.
  6.  Answer emails related to website information inquiries, and forward such inquires to the appropriate contact.
  7.  Maintains current registration of the domain name and web site hosting services.
  8.  Posts monthly meeting minutes of the Executive Committee on the web site.
  9.  Monitors website for broken links, obsolete content and typographical errors.



Paula Drouin - Committee Chair Lab Technician LAWPCA 207-782-0917

Paula Drouin – Committee Chair
Lab Technician