Click here for the 2017 Member Application

Active Membership… $35.00

Any personnel currently employed by a wastewater treatment facility or involved in the collection and transportation of wastewater sludge/biosolids, or any person interested in wastewater treatment in the State of Maine.

Student Membership… $15.00

Any person regularly enrolled in college or university students who spend at least one-half of their time on academic course work or equivalent studies in the field water, wastewater or the environment.

Life Membership… No Cost

Life members shall be members in good standing for 20 years and who have attained the age of 65, or members who have been made honorary. They shall be exempt from further dues. Members over 65 years of age who have retired from active work in the field of water pollution control, and who have paid dues for less than 20 years, may be elected life members by unanimous vote of the Executive Committee. Life members shall be entitled to the same privileges as an Active member.

Group Membership… Initial $125.00 for the group, plus $15.00/person

Group members shall be two or more individuals representing a nonprofit organization interested in wastewater treatment in the state of Maine.

#1 Group Dues Example:

Gardiner WWTP (group fee) $125.00

4 people (4 x $15.00) 60.00

TOTAL DUE $185.00

Corporate Membership… Initial $175.00 for the Company, plus $20.00/person

Corporate members shall be any business, company or firm which deals directly with, or is interested in, wastewater treatment in the State of Maine. Corporate membership allows your company to pay reduced booth rates at all MEWEA Conventions, and an annual vendor listing in the newsletter.

#2 Corporate Dues Example:
Maine Engineering (corporate fee)

2 people (2 x $20.00) 40.00

TOTAL DUE $215.00

You may download the most recent application for membership into the Maine Water Environment Association by clicking this link.

Please make check payable to:

Maine Water Environment Association
Local Government Center
60 Community Drive
Augusta, Maine 04330