Ocean Acidification

Ocean Acidification Evaluations and Events in Maine

(updated December 16, 2014)

TONIGHT: E2Tech “Ocean Acidification Forum and Winter Networking Event”: December 16, 2014 at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute in Portland

This event is Maine Water Environment Association’s only opportunity to engage with the Maine’s Ocean Acidification Commission.  The event is at capacity. Check back for a summary of the information presented and the Q&A session with the Panel.

Maine Legislature’s Ocean Acidification Commission

Ocean Acidification Commission website (all materials): Link

Who is on the Commission?: Link

Reports of the Maine Legislature’s Ocean Acidification Commission

Final Report (presented to Maine Legislature on December 5)


Draft Report (November 10)


Maine Water Environment Association’s Comments on the Draft Report after the November 10 Commission Work Session: 2014 December 1 2014_OA Commission comments

October 7, 2014 Workshop: The Island Institute

The Island Institute has posted the presentations and a summary report from the day-long session it hosted on October 7, 2014.

All information can be viewed and downloaded here: http://www.islandinstitute.org/OceanAcidification

Quick Link to the Final Report: http://www.islandinstitute.org/documents/II_OA_Vulnerability_Workshop_Report.pdf

Legislation Related to Ocean Acidification

In Maine


  • Click below for the text of Representative Pingree’s proposed bill on Ocean Acidification.
  • Pingree HR 4692 Text

NEWEA 2014 Spring Meeting

Click below for the presentation from the OA Panel Discussion.

NEWEA Spring 2014_Session 2 Ocean Acidification

MEWEA Correspondence

Island Institute Meeting Documents

NEIWPCC Outreach on Ocean Acidification

Interstate Water Report, October 2013: “Under the Radar”


MEWEA’s Representative on the Maine DMR Shellfish Advisory Council (ShAC)

Visit http://www.maine.gov/dmr/council/shellfish/

or contact Tom Connolly for more information.


Washington State’s Process

State of Washington Department of Ecology’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Ocean Acidification

Convened by WA Governor Gregoire in November 2011.


Jay Manning, Cascadia Law Group: “Transition from Science to Policy”

 State of Washington Department of Ecology’s Washington Marine Resources Advisory Council (MRAC)

Formed by WA State Legislature in 2013


National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Media Coverage