Government Affairs Committee


To promote legislation and regulations in the best interest of the Association members, and to inform the members of new legislation and regulations which may affect their facilities.


  1. Organizes a Committee to best address the needs of the Association, and schedule meetings as required to deal with the issues as they come up.
  2. The Chairperson shall represent the Committee at the Executive Committee meetings, shall attempt to attend 75% of those meetings, and shall keep the Executive Committee abreast of new issues.
  3. Tracks proposed legislation and regulations affecting the members of the Association and, where appropriate, prepare and deliver comment for the Association.
  4. Alerts the membership on proposed or new legislation and regulations to allow them to prepare their own comment or be aware of their new requirements and obligations.
  5. Develops and maintains a communications and resource network with organizations having similar goals. Partner with them in legislative action and public advocacy.


If you have questions about the Government Affairs Committee, please contact the committee chair. A current listing of committee chairs can be found here: Executive Committee and Committee Chairpersons