David Anderson Laboratory Analyst Excellence Award

David Anderson Laboratory Analyst Excellence Award

Description: Named after David Anderson, long-serving director of the Portland Water District’s Laboratory, this award was designed to recognize individuals for outstanding performance, professionalism, and contributions to the water quality analysis profession.

Requirements are:

  1. Unusual initiative or performance beyond the call of duty.
  2. Employment at an educational facility laboratory, industrial, commercial, or municipal laboratory which performs wastewater-related analysis and must have direct analytical responsibilities.
  3. Performance that demonstrates a commitment to high quality control standards.
  4. A dutiful and conscientious perspective.
  5. Actions that demonstrate a commitment to professional development; e.g., by maintaining active membership in professional associations and/or through continuing education.

Persons who have been recognized by this award before are not eligible to receive it again.


Awarded at: Maine Water Environment Association Fall Convention (September)

Nomination Deadline: First Friday in July

Award Decision: Third Friday of July (Maine Water Environment Association Executive Board Mtg)

Contact Person: Andy Wendell (Chair, Maine Water Environment Association Laboratory Committee)
E-mail: andyw@clearwaterlab.com  

The nomination form is available here: Nomination Form

Recent Recipients

2016: Peter Rush, Portland Water District
2016: June Mooney (Greater Augusta Utility District)
2014: Stacy Thompson (Saco Water Resource Recovery Department)
2013 (Inaugural year): Peter Sherwood (Kennebec Sanitary Treatment District [Waterville])