Communications Committee


The Communications Committee is responsible for working with the members of the MEWEA and people outside the association to provide an informative, readable and interesting newsletter. In addition, the Committee is tasked with supporting methods and infrastructure needed to keep our members informed and support the water protection community in Maine.


1. Assures that an adequate volume of interesting and timely material is available for publication in the MEWEA newsletter. Currently the newsletter is issued four times per year (February, May, August and November).

2. Works with MMA’s Publications Staff to edit the newsletter, principally in terms of selecting articles for the newsletter for timeliness, length and general “readability”.

3. Communicates MEWEA business to the membership through the newsletter and other means as needed.

4. Promotes the accomplishments of MEWEA members to the general media (local newspapers, television, etc.)

5. Works with the Web developer to provide updated content for the MEWEA website.

6. Continues to explore opportunities for rapid communications between municipal facilities and other members to support other MEWEA goals and initiatives.

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