Communications Committee


The Communications Committee is responsible for working with the members of the MEWEA and people outside the association to provide an informative, readable and interesting newsletter. In addition, the Committee is tasked with supporting methods and infrastructure needed to keep our members informed and support the water protection community in Maine.


1. Assures that an adequate volume of interesting and timely material is available for publication in the MEWEA newsletter. Currently the newsletter is issued four times per year (February, May, August and November).

2. Works with MMA’s Publications Staff to edit the newsletter, principally in terms of selecting articles for the newsletter for timeliness, length and general “readability”.

3. Communicates MEWEA business to the membership through the newsletter and other means as needed.

4. Promotes the accomplishments of MEWEA members to the general media (local newspapers, television, etc.)

5. Works with the Web developer to provide updated content for the MEWEA website.

6. Continues to explore opportunities for rapid communications between municipal facilities and other members to support other MEWEA goals and initiatives.

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Committee Chairpersons:

Mo Dube, MEVC#428
Maine Subsurface Wastewater Disposal System Inspector
(207) 313-0250

My name is Mo Dube, and I am a Maine state certified subsurface wastewater disposal system inspector. I was born into the wastewater industry, my father Eugene “Gene” Dube the past president of Pat Jackson, Inc. a well known Site Evaluator and ingenuitive man that contributed greatly to the wastewater industry is the legacy I have to follow. I find that these are very big shoes to fill. My favorite thing to do is subsurface wastewater disposal system inspections, I can remember the times my dad would give me a ten dollar bill if I went out with him on his inspections and dug all the test pits, it is more than just a fond memory, it was also experience gained, and why I was able to become a Maine state certified septic inspector at the age of 12. I am currently completing my apprenticeship as a site evaluator in training, and hope that to be my next venture. I live a busy life with my spouse, two boys, and all our critters.

My family has made it a point to live as sustainably as possible, we live by the understanding that life and resources are valuable. If we can not protect our resources such as our water, aquatic population, land and wildlife then there is no feasible way to sustain our human population. I use this thinking strategy daily to provide the best contribution to the wastewater community possible. I am the Co-chair for the Communications committee for the Maine Water Environment Association, an organization that contributes greatly to our state in regards to wastewater treatment and Maine’s clean water standards. I look forward to this upcoming year for MEWEA and being part of an organization that is making such a beneficial impact on our state.


Bryanna Denis
Lead Project Engineer, Wright-Pierce

My name is Bryanna Denis, and I am an engineer at Wright-Pierce, working in the company’s Wastewater Group. I am a UMaine alumnus, receiving my degree in civil & environmental engineering in 2009. I am also a Site Evaluator, designing septic system in my free time.

Currently I live in Bowdoinham, with my husband Paul, our daughter Sawyer and our two dogs, Bean and Caper. We spend our free time hiking in the woods, “sapping” in the spring (we produced 10 gallons of finished maple syrup last year), completing various home-improvement projects, and clearing land for a future fruit orchard.

Wastewater truly is a hidden field and choosing is as a career never crossed my mind until my first Introduction to Environmental Engineering class, when I realized I was fascinated by the subject – I had found my calling. I truly believe, that everyone in the wastewater industry, and especially those who operate and maintain wastewater treatment plants and collection systems, should feel proud about the great service that they provide to the State – helping to maintain a pristine environment for all Maine residents and visitors “from away”, to enjoy.

As co-chair of the MEWEA Communications Committee I look forward to helping MEWEA members and the general public stay informed about all things related to wastewater, stormwater and water quality in this beautiful state we call home.