Communications Award

Communications Award


The Communications Award is intended to honor the outstanding efforts of a person, group, utility, agency, or other organization to share the Association’s mission or the importance of investing in and protecting the water environment.  The communication effort recognized by this award can have an internal focus (i.e., membership) or an external focus (i.e., the general public, schools, or other associations) and can be implemented via traditional media, social media, or a combination of these.  The recipient shall have demonstrated outreach beyond the formal duties of any official position on the board. 

Awarded at: The Maine Water Environment Association Fall Convention (September). The Communications Award shall be awarded at the discretion of the Communications Committee; it is not necessarily awarded each year.

Nominations: Nominations shall be received by, and recipients selected by, the Communications Committee.

Nomination Deadline: First Friday in July

Contact information for the Communications Committee Chairperson can be found here: Executive Board and Committee Chairpersons

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