Convention Committee

The convention committee is primarily responsible for selecting the venue and the logistical planning associated with the following events:

* The Joint MWUA/MeWEA show held in February

* Ski day held in March

* Spring Conference/North Country Convention in Association with MWUA & JETCC (held every other year)

* Fall Convention, including golf tournament, held in September

Major duties include: negotiations with facilities, meal selection, layout, working closely with Maine Municipal Association(MMA) on registration forms and advertisements, and coordination with personnel advancement committee to ensure technical sessions are selected and speaker’s needs are met. The committee is comprised of numerous volunteers that help in all facets of the event planning and make our shows the successes they are. Despite the support, we are always looking for more volunteers interested in helping out the convention committee. If you have any questions about our events, what our committee does, or what role you might be able to play, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you have questions about the Convention Committee, please contact the committee chair. A current listing of committee chairs can be found here: Executive Committee and Committee Chairpersons