Awards Committee


To schedule and coordinate the nomination and selection of awards recipients for awards given at the two Association business meetings. To coordinate and assist where feasible the NEWEA, WEF and DEP awards programs.


  1. Develops a calendar of Association Awards deadlines and criteria, and informs the Executive Committee of this calendar.
  2. Annually, solicits nominations for the Gagne Award from the Executive Committee.
  3. Periodically, solicits nominations for the Goodenow award from the general membership.
  4. Regularly reminds Executive Committee of other awards that individual committees should be considering.
  5. Coordinates Executive Committee balloting for the Gagne Award in advance of the Fall Convention.
  6. Recruits evaluation team and coordinates site visits to plants nominated for Goodenow Award. Oversees team’s selection process for Goodenow Award.
  7. Annually, solicits President’s selection for President’s Service Award in advance of the Fall Convention.
  8. Annually, plans for presentation of Past President’s Award in advance of Spring Conference.
  9. Orders awards in advance of the Spring Conference and Fall Convention.
  10. Maintains on-going lists of past recipients.


If you have questions about the Awards Committee, please contact the committee chair. A current listing of committee chairs can be found here: Executive Committee and Committee Chairpersons


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