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Maine Hire-A-Vet Campaign 2021

Dear Area Employer and Resource Providers; We are excited to announce the return of the “Maine Hire A Vet” campaign for 2021, with an “in person” Kickoff/Hiring event, along with monthly virtual hiring events and weekly trainings/presentations of interest to both employers and veterans! To join the Maine Hire A Vet 2021 Campaign, please read and sign the attached Memorandum of Agreement (MOA), and acknowledge your campaign membership by filling out this form: MHAV 2021 Employer Participant Registration or, you can also fill out the attached MOA and send it to: Our Kick Off and Hiring Event will be…


Cybersecurity Alert!

From Bruce Berger, Executive Director of Maine Water Utilities Association: Good Day, I just received a call from a utility here in Maine. There have been several security breaches within Maine for two confirmed utilities that are being held hostage. There may possibly be a third. In this case as was other cases across the US, the vulnerable point is Windows 7. If any utilities have a windows 7 based system they need to upgrade ASAP. Secondarily any and all PLC’s are also vulnerable and need to have security measures implemented ASAP.

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