President’s Message

Welcome to 2020 and the 54th year of MEWEA! It is an honor to be representing this association and all the dedicated stewards of the entire clean water industry. Combined, all of us have made an enormous impact on clean water in the State of Maine. It remains a great feeling going to work every day, knowing that each one of us contributes to the high quality waterways that our home state is nationally renowned for.

I’ve been with Wright-Pierce for the past 5 years, with previous work at other engineering consultants, as well as brief stints in landscaping, and surveying streams for the US Forest Service. Through those experiences, my time in the clean water industry has allowed me to learn and see quite a few different work environments. I’m fortunate to have gotten involved in NYWEA, New York’s WEF affiliate, in college and served as Student Chapter President for 3 years, then serving for the Eastern NY Young Professionals Chair following college. Since returning to Maine in 2013, I’ve had the opportunity to again serve as the Young Professionals chair, this time for MEWEA, and then get further involved on the executive board. I look forward to bringing those experiences to the association, while relying on the substantial support from the executive board’s broad backgrounds.

As an Association, we look to continue to grow our relationships with JETCC and MWUA, and continue to partner with other similar organizations throughout the year. These relationships have proven critical to develop a strong and diverse training program for the industry, and partners for publicly marketing the importance of the work we complete. We look to continue and strengthen our relationships with our regulatory agencies and government outreach, and remain a partner in critical conversations at the legislative level. We further look forward to continued networking community events to keep us all connected and aware of new ideas – after all, if something’s happening at one facility, there’s good chance it’s happened – and been fixed – before!

It’s going to be a fun and exciting year and I can’t wait to share it with you all. I’m truly honored to be the President for this upcoming year and I just want to say thanks for all that you do daily!

Michael Guethle

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